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One of the great features of Go is its testing package. The testing package has streamlined our unit-testing and test-driven development.

One addition we found useful was the implementation of stack-traces on certain types of errors. Since our testing suite consisted of a lot of functions that were called repeatedly, tracing out the stack made tracking down failed tests much easier.

Here’s how to implement a stack trace in Golang:

Golang log stack trace Example

 1 import (
 2 	"log"
 3 	"runtime"
 4 	"testing"
 5 )
 7 func (t *testing.T) TestFunction(err bool){
 8 	if err {
 9 		//stack trace
10 		var stack [4096]byte
11 		runtime.Stack(stack[:], false)
12 		log.Printf("%s\n", stack[:])
14 		//fatal error
15 		t.Fatalf("Error!")
16 	}
17 }