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In the process of creating a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) & Service Provider (SP) solution for a unified login system, I needed to generate user information for testing. The applicable setting in the SAML IDP config/authsources file was:

1  'myaccount-sql' => array(
2     'sqlauth:SQL',
3     'dsn' => 'mysql:host=localhost;port=3333;dbname=myaccount_db',
4     'username' => 'myaccount_user',
5     'password' => 'password1234',
6     'query' => 'SELECT uid FROM users WHERE uid = :username AND password = SHA2(CONCAT((SELECT salt FROM users WHERE uid = :username), :password),256);',
7 ),

So, I needed to load a username, hashed & salted password, and salt value for each row for testing.

MySQL Code

The following mysql code does the trick:

1 SET @uid = 'username';
2 SET @password ='password1234'; 
4 INSERT INTO users(uid,password,salt) VALUES (@uid, SHA2(CONCAT(@salt, @password),256), @salt);


The uid & password (first two lines) can be set to any value. The third line then sets the salt as a pseudo-random (enough for testing) MD5 hash. The final line inserts the uid and salt, as well as a hashed password created by concatenating the salt and password and then creating a SHA-256 hash.