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2015 In Review


In continuation of last year’s post, I present my year in review.

Open Source Projects Published

Open Source Projects Contributed to

Start-ups cofounded

Side projects used daily, but not publicly published

  • Task Docket

Favorite books read

Full list of books read and my thoughts here.

  • Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain–for Life by David Perlmutter
  • In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives by Steven Levy
  • Les Misérables by Victor Hugo
  • Post Office by Charles Bukowski
  • The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail - But Some Don’t by Nate Silver
  • Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday

TV Series Watched

  • Walking Dead - still
  • Game of Thrones - still
  • Parks and Recreation - amazing feel-good series with two or three of the funniest characters ever created.
  • House of cards - addictive, entertaining series, although often unrealistic (hopefully :)
  • Treme - well done portrait of New Orleans culture, with outstanding music.
  • Transparent - Amazon original series exploring modern family, relationships, and sexuality. Josh Pfefferman is the best.

Courses Taken

Fit in some decent continued education in between consulting and building Human Planet. Special thanks to Coursera, for having such quality classes available to ANYONE for FREE.

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Technologies/etc. used

  • Golang
  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • Neo4j
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Python
  • Django
  • Ruby
  • Jekyll
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SASS
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • AWS [Amazon Web Services]
    • S3
    • EC2
    • CloudFront
    • Route 53
  • Heroku
  • NetSuite
  • Azure

Review Plans for 2015

Be a better open source community member. Publish & Contribute.

Grade: B+

Contributor to 3 open source projects, and publisher of 1 open source project, and several highly trafficed develment blog posts.

Average at least one blog post per week.

Grade: F

Clocked in at 20 posts, although I had a feeling at the time, and am confident in retrospect, that this was a very ambitious number.

Complete at least one side-project.

Grade: A-

Completed the project, and I use it almost daily, but never attempted to bring it to market.

Build one hardware based project up to functional state. Currently thinking something in the mobile/bluetooth/WiFi area.

Grade: F-

Didn’t even start one :)

Network more, especially in the local Austin startup scene.

Grade: C+

Join co-founders network and met with a lot of interesting people, could definitely do more.

Improve time management and planning. Start each day with set goals.

Grade: D+

Improved performance, but definitely sporadic. This is a big area for improvement in the coming year.

Plans for 2016

  • Implement daily planning and time management
  • 25+ Blog posts (setting a more realistic goal this time)
  • Secure angel-funding for Human Planet
  • Beta launch of Human Planet