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PostgreSQL: json_agg() Example

I’ve already posted a few times about the usefulness of the jsonb field type for PostgreSQL 9.4+. A related function I love is json_agg(). It allows you to ...

PostgreSQL: Enable Earthdistance Module

If you need to do any dynamic distance calculations within a PostgreSQL database, I highly recommend the earthdistance module. We are currently using it for...

Upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.4 in Ubuntu 14.04

PostgreSQL 9.4 includes many great features. The main one we’ve been leveraging is the jsonb field type. Currently the latest LTS version of Ubuntu (14.04)...

PostgreSQL jsonb ? operator alternative

PostgreSQL 9.4 has a great new jsonb data type. It functions very similarly to the old json type with some great new functions and operators. One of the op...