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Go get bitbucket repository via ssh

By default, Go get attempts to “get” repositories via https. Since our private repository was hosted on bitbucket, we needed to find a way around. Below is ...

Golang: redirect http to https

Google (and others) are heavily pushing mass adoption of https for serving all online content. So, if you weren’t worried about it already, hopefully you ar...

Golang Stack Trace on Error

One of the great features of Go is its testing package. The testing package has streamlined our unit-testing and test-driven development.

PostgreSQL jsonb ? operator alternative

PostgreSQL 9.4 has a great new jsonb data type. It functions very similarly to the old json type with some great new functions and operators. One of the op...

Go Neo4j RESTful Auth Example

We’re currently evaluating an RDBMS (PostgreSQL) or Graph Database (Neo4j) for an upcoming project. As such, I decided to imlpement a basic RESTful Authenti...